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Moving overseas can be a complex and stressful process that requires an adept and well-equiped international mover. iMOVE can connect you to them.

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International moves with imove

Very few companies can ship your belongings overseas. Making it difficult to find an international mover that is reliable, efficient, and dependable, which is where iMOVE comes in. Here's what we offer through our network of movers:

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RIM, OTI, and other certifications

The best international movers are Registered International Mover (RIM) or (if you're moving overseas) Ocean Transportation Intermediary (OTI). Both RIM and OTI are certifications granted to moving companies that meet the highest standards of service.


A proven, positive track record

We look at previous customer experiences with any international mover to ensure their quality of service matches ours. We do this by contacting the mover ourselves, as well as by sorting through any complaints filed to the Better Business Bureau *BBB).


High insurance coverage

International movers are required to provide high levels of insurance for transportation. We look for land transportation companies that have both BIPD ($750,000 minimum) and Cargo insurance filed with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) or equivalent.

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Picking the right mover

Work with a moving company that can help you identify the exact services you'll need for an international move, so you don't have to remember everything on your own.

Some international movers have a range of offerings from full-service packing and storage to customs clearance and auto shipping. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can find an international mover who will create a custom moving plan that incorporates all the necessary services and extras you want.

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