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Pack up and go. If only things were as simple as the phrase is. If you have had to move from one place to another, no matter how close or how far, you probably know the time and stress that goes into the process. Moving alone can not only be physically cumbersome but also emotionally draining. However, thank heavens for the various moving companies whose work is to make your work easier by ensuring everything arrives home in one piece. Whether short-distance or long-distance, leaving everything to the professionals eases the transition process while giving you time to focus on other things. As we compare the best full-service moving companies available, here are the answers to the questions you may be asking yourself.

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Author: Helen McKenzie
January 10, 2023

Writer & Researcher

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What is a full-service move?

A full-service move is an all–in-one package that includes everything that involves moving. You name it from disassembly to packing, loading to transportation, and off-loading to unpacking. Full-service movers are a great way to ease yourself the burden by allowing the right people for the job to take care of things. In fact, you may not have to lift a finger from start to finish.

Essentially, a full-service move entails numerous services. However, the best full-service moving companies have broken down these services into packages that you can choose from depending on your budget and personal needs. The best part is you will not have to worry about the safety of your belongings as these companies are trustworthy and pretty elaborate.

In a nutshell, here are some of the services you can expect from your full-service moving company:

Packing services

Most packing companies come prepared with packing supplies such as boxes, tapes, marker pens, etc., ready to properly fit everything no matter the size. Typically, a full-service move will cover the packing and packaging of each item. However, some companies offer a partial packing option that gives you room to take care of some of the packing on your own. This customizable option is ideal if you want to cut down on cost or prefer to handle some of your belongings personally.

Unpacking services

Additionally, the service covers unpacking services once you get to your destination. You do not have to worry about having boxes around your new space for too long as the professionals know where everything is and will ensure everything is in the right place. Luckily for you, most companies do not compromise on the organization bit.


A full-service moving company takes care of this aspect by ensuring everything arrives at your new home within the shortest time possible. Whether you are moving from one state to another or across the country, you can ensure that the logistics are under control.

Debris removal

Another way to customize your move is by including the trash and debris removal service in your package. Adding this to your contract ensures that the moving company takes care of any waste or empty boxes once everything finds a home in the new space. If you opt to leave some items unpacked as you settle in, some moving companies offer the option of picking up the trash as soon as everything is out of the boxes, thus easing the hassle of disposal.

Storage services

Storage services from a certified moving company help you find a temporary home for your belongings and guarantee they get to you when you are ready. This option is convenient for long-distance moving, such as interstate or international moving, and gives you time to find a new home or get the new space ready at your own pace.

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“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “What is a full-service move?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “A full-service move is an all–in-one package that includes everything that involves moving. You name it from disassembly to packing, loading to transportation, and off-loading to unpacking.”
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “Why Should I Hire a Full-Service Moving Company?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “Think about the stress and labor involved in moving. If those are not reasons enough to hire a full-service moving company, then here are more ways full-service movers will smoothen the process: saves time, better packing, guaranteed safety, less stressful.”
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “How Much Do Full Service Moving Companies Cost?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “A national report revealed that the cost estimate for a local move (less than 100 miles) could range between $800 and $2,150. On the other hand, a long-distance move is relatively more expensive with prices ranging between $2,200 and $5,700.”

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Why Should I Hire a Full-Service Moving Company?

Think about the stress and labor involved in moving. If those are not reasons enough to hire a full-service moving company, then here are more ways full-service movers will smoothen the process:

  • Save time: Moving encompasses more than moving items from one place to another. It is about proper planning and a lot of calculation. Hiring a full-service company is as convenient as it can get as the company has well-trained persons to ensure each phase runs smoothly from start to end. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about things not fitting in boxes or arranging them in the truck. Consequently, you can plan for the move and go about your other businesses.
  • Provision of moving supplies: Imagine how many boxes you would have to budget for or how many trips you would have to make to the hardware store if your approximations do not add up. Supplies do not come cheap. Your movers know what they need before they come to work, thus ticking unnecessary expenses off your list.
  • Better packing and unpacking: Organization is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, especially if it involves moving numerous items. Part of full-service moving is to make sure everything is in order, making the unpacking process even easier. These movers come in handy, especially while moving heavy items such as appliances that may require proficient assembly and disassembly skills.
  • Guaranteed safety: If you have moved before, you understand how mysteriously things disappear. Some items are never to be found, while others are found much later on. As much as this may seem inevitable, full-service movers are keen to make sure everything arrives home, including the smallest items. In addition, they are well-trained to safely connect and disconnect appliances and machinery, which reduces the risk of accidents. It is also worth noting some moving companies may prefer to handle valuable items separately. Although this may cost you a bit more, it is definitely worth every penny.
  • Better coordination: Typically, moving companies come to your home as a team, and every person is a crucial player. This helps make sure everything goes according to plan. The team will often have a personal move coordinator who plays team leader and keeps you up to speed during the entire process if necessary.
  • Debris Clean-Up: Moving can get overwhelmingly messy both in the packing and unpacking stages. Instead of spending days or weeks taking care of the plastic wraps or countless boxes, movers make it possible for you to worry less and enjoy more by leaving with the trash.

How to Choose a Professional Moving Company?

Before settling on a professional moving company, it is imperative to set a qualification criterion. With the numerous companies available today, it is important to choose wisely. Here are a few qualifications to add to your list:

Is it a reputable company?

At this stage, you may need to go the extra mile and do some homework while selecting the best fit for you. The best place to start is by getting first-hand reviews from friends and family on their experiences with different moving companies. This should be in addition to the online reviews from customers and other reliable references such as movers associations. It is best to work with companies that have been in the industry longer as they have acquired more experience. Also, you may need to avoid companies with a name switch to minimize the risk of fraud and ensure the company you go for has precise business details (business name, state and federal license numbers, etc.)

Do they offer the appropriate liability insurance?

A liability insurance cover is a must-have for any credible moving company. The company you hire should be well-insured to avoid incurring losses in the unfortunate event of loss or property damage during the moving process.

Do they have a detailed contract?

Before hiring a moving company, carefully go through their contract. It helps you understand the appropriate terms and conditions and the company policies. Be sure that the policies prioritize the safety of your items and that you can follow them to avoid conflict of interest. Aside from that, the contract brings to light any hidden charges or extra fees.

Do they offer a thorough walk-through before presenting a quote?

A detailed walk-through may be exhausting, but it helps make sure things go smoothly during the actual move. This stage is necessary to determine whether or not you can afford the service and the best package to fit your budget. The company may ask several questions and send you an agent to check how much there is to move. A good estimator considers essential details such as storage places and the weight of the items in each room and should take inventory of all the things to be moved. These details are significant contributors to the outcome of the quotation.

Is the initial deposit reasonable?

Once you have settled on a moving company, you have to pay a deposit, more of a commitment fee, before work begins. However, note this might be a red flag if the company demands a large deposit. Your belongings will be under their care for as long as needed; a deposit should be the smaller percentage of the whole amount. The most appropriate time to pay or use your credit card is after all the items and services are delivered as per the agreement. This protects you from the possibility of any fraudulent activity.

Frequently asked questions

How Much Do Full Service Moving Companies Cost?

A national report revealed that the cost estimate for a local move (less than 100 miles) could range between $800 and $2,150. On the other hand, a long-distance move is relatively more expensive with prices ranging between $2,200 and $5,700. It is essential to remember moving companies have different pricing techniques. They will probably be considering most of the following factors:

  • The home’s size (number of rooms)
  • Movers and packers costs
  • Cost per distance in miles (for long-distance movers)
  • Specialty moving services(costs for valuables and other items such as pianos)
  • Auto moving and shipping costs

Inform the moving company of any additional services such as storage as early as possible. Preferably during the physical walk-through and counter-check to make any adjustments before the moving date.

What are some tips on preparing for a move?

If you plan on hiring a moving company, it is imperative to understand the more work they do, the more money you may have to spend. However, here are a few tricks to make the process more affordable, faster, and easier.

Create a personal action plan

Whether you choose to move on your own or hire professional movers, it is vital to have a personal plan, including a moving calendar, to-do lists, and a checklist of all the forgettable details.

Set a Budget

Indisputably, moving can get pretty expensive; however, working around a budget helps you customize a package that suits you and avoid unnecessary costs. Although it is not unusual to go a little over budget, setting one beforehand enables you to stay within a reasonable bracket.

Hire the Movers

If you need to hire movers, it is wise to do research as early as possible to avoid the last-minute rush. Doing so gives you adequate time to compare quotes from different companies and find the perfect match to suit your needs.

Create a Moving Plan with Your Movers

Set up your team by going down to each detail with the moving agent. It is also the right opportunity to request additional services such as storage or debris cleaning. It is an opportune time to let the team know how you prefer your things handled throughout the move.

Acquire Enough Supplies

Whether or not you are planning to hire a moving company, you will need to pack up a few things on your own, especially those you wish to transport during the move personally.


Go through your items and get rid of things you no longer use or need. This reduces your luggage and creates space for all the other stuff. Additionally, it will save you time and money.

Pack an essential bag

Most things will be out of your reach for a while during the move. Therefore, it is necessary to have a separate bag containing all the essentials, including medication, toiletries, critical documents (including the moving contract), a change of clothes, and anything else you may need.

Clean your Appliances

If you are moving with your appliances, clean them early enough to help you settle into your new space faster. It also helps the movers focus on the more technical bit, such as disassembly and disconnections. This may include clearing out the fridge and the freezer.

Non-breakable items in drawers and on clothes on hangers

Clothes can be a pain in the neck; hence it is better to wrap them as they are during packing. Since they do not break, it is advisable to lock them in drawers and cover the furniture in a shrink wrap to keep things from falling.

With all this information, your move should be easier and faster than anticipated. Hiring a professional will surely lift a heavy weight off your shoulders and get you on the road and settled in as soon as possible.

Author: Helen McKenzie
January 10, 2023

Writer & Researcher

8 Min Read

Helen McKenzie is a writer with more than 10 years of experience. She has always loved writing and started writing for her school newspaper and eventually became a staff writer for a major metropolitan publication. More recently, Helen has been a member of the iMove Research Team, where she seeks to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information about products and services available to consumers. In this role, she has conducted extensive research on topics such as moving companies, storage solutions, and real estate.

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