PODS Moving Review: Pros, Cons and Overall Performance

Moving can feel like walking a tightrope sometimes, right? Well, that’s where PODS steps in. Think of them as your behind-the-scenes, make-it-all-go-smoothly team. Providing moving and storage services for both homes and businesses, their specialty is taking the hassle out of your move, whether across the street, the country, or even the ocean.

They’re particularly popular with people who appreciate being able to load and unload at their own pace – no feeling rushed or ending up with baffling ‘where-did-I-pack-that’ moments. In this article, we’ll peel back the layers of what makes PODS tick.

Here’s what you need to know:

History and Establishment of PODS Moving

The idea of PODS, which stands for Portable On Demand Storage, came into existence in 1998. Innovator and founder Pete Warhurst was running a traditional moving company and was struck by the idea of making moving and storage more flexible and convenient. He introduced portable storage containers that could be delivered directly to the customer, loaded at their own pace. Then, he moved to the desired location or stored at PODS’ secure facilities as needed.

This approach simplified the moving process and quickly gained popularity. Since its inception, PODS has expanded operations in 44 US states, including Washington D.C., and overseas, marking its footprint in countries like Canada, Australia, and the UK. With over 20 years of growth, PODS continues to change how people perceive moving and storage.

Services Offered

Whether you’re changing neighborhoods or crossing oceans, PODS has built its reputation on providing flexible, easy-to-use moving solutions for any distance. Here’s a breakdown of their services.

Local Moves

For local moves within the same town or city, PODS offers a unique “you pack, we drive” model. Once your container is delivered, you have the convenience of loading up at your own leisure, relieving you of any time-related pressures. Once ready, PODS removes the stress of maneuvering a bulky rental truck through tight city corners by taking over the driving to your new location.

Long-Distance Moves

PODS brings the same blend of convenience and flexibility to long-distance moves, too. The risk of damage from repeated loading and unloading is eliminated by the PODS’ secure containers that keep your belongings safe during transit – even across states. They also offer temporary storage in their secure storage centers if your new home isn’t quite move-in ready on arrival.

International Moves

PODS also extend their coverage map beyond borders, accommodating international moves. They navigate the unique logistical challenges posed by overseas relocations, delivering one of their sturdy, weather-resistant containers to your door to load at your convenience before coordinating the move to your new international home.

PODS prioritizes customer satisfaction at home and abroad, making your move a little less daunting, whether heading just down the road or around the world.

Additional Services

In addition to their core moving and storage services, PODS provides a comprehensive range of packing supplies to ensure your items are well-protected during your move. These include:

  • Moving Boxes: Available in different sizes, ideal for safely packing various items.
  • Mattress Bags: Designed to protect your mattresses from dirt, dust, and potential water damage during the move.
  • Moving Blankets: These offer an extra layer of protection for your larger, more delicate items.
  • Stretch Wrap: Helps secure items and prevent them from moving around during transit.
  • Tape and Dispensers: Essential for sealing your boxes and ensuring their contents remain intact.
  • Rubber Mover Bands: These are used to hold your moving boxes together and prevent loss or damage to items.
  • Lifting Straps: Assist in lifting and moving heavier items safely and efficiently.
  • Locks: To maximize the security of your belongings, durable and reliable locks are available.

These additional services underline PODS’ commitment to providing a smooth and comprehensive moving experience for all its customers.

How much does PODS cost?

PODS pricing varies based on move size and distance. A smaller move (like a one-bedroom house going 500 miles) could cost around $1,580, while a larger, longer move could cost up to $8,331. Rental fees for storage containers are charged monthly, with additional costs for delivery and shipping. PODS offers a cost calculator on its website and discounts for prolonged storage rentals or military personnel. They accept major credit and debit cards, and some locations accept checks, cash, or money orders for local moves.

Geographical Reach and Locations

PODS boasts an extensive geographical reach, operating across 46 states in the U.S., including Hawaii and Washington D.C., and extending its services to Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The company excludes only four U.S. states: Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming.

Since its foundation in 1998 with headquarters in Clearwater, Florida, PODS has performed over 5 million deliveries with a fleet of over 220,000 containers. These services cater not only to residential clients but also to commercial customers.

This vast network of locations—spanning diverse countries—allows PODS to simplify your moving or storage needs, whether local or international.

Is PODS Moving Right for You?

Yes, opting for PODS Moving could be a smart decision for your relocation needs. With a robust network covering 46 U.S. states and regions across Canada, the UK, and Australia, chances are you’re within their reach.

Known for their flexibility, PODS provides you with a container, and you have the freedom to pack at your own pace—a unique attribute that sets them apart. Whether you’re considering a local or an international move, residential or commercial, PODS brings over two decades of experience to streamline your moving process.

With over 5 million successful deliveries worldwide, you can entrust PODS with your cherished possessions for a stress-free moving experience.

Competitors To Consider

While PODS’ moving and storage services indeed offer significant value, there are other competent moving companies worth considering as well. Each has unique features that might align better with certain moving needs.

Here are a few moving companies to consider:

  1. Allied Van Lines: A reliable, time-tested mover, gracing the moving industry since 1928. Allied Van Lines can help with domestic and international moves with services reaching over 40 countries. Let them take care of everything from packing to unloading so you can sit back and enjoy a stress-free relocation.
  2. North American Van Lines: Started in 1933, this company is an expert in long-distance and international moves. They come with flexible storage options and top-notch customer service – a recipe for a smooth transition to your new home.
  3. Atlas Van Lines: A major player in the moving scene, Atlas Van Lines provides assistance in local, interstate, and global moves. Choosing Atlas means you’ll benefit from their commitment to reliability and personalized touch for your move.
  4. Bellhop: Offering local and long-distance moving services across multiple states, Bellhop has affordable, up-front pricing and customizable service plans that adapt to your unique moving needs.
  5. JK Moving: While focusing on more regional services, JK Moving prides itself on environmentally friendly practices. If you’re looking to stay eco-conscious during your move, this company has got you covered.

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