Gentle Giant Moving Review: Pros, Cons and Overall Performance

Founded in 1980, Gentle Giant Moving has made its name as a reliable partner for residential and commercial moving services. The company offers a full range of local and long-distance moving services, including packing, unpacking, moving box delivery, craning, and specialty moves. 

Gentle Giant also offers storage facilities and dedicates itself to white glove moving services. You can trust the team to move your items safely and on time. The company has 11 locations in the country, features streamlined logistics, and boasts a well-maintained fleet of trucks.

Here’s an unbiased Gentle Giant Moving review focusing on the company’s services, history, values, locations, geographical reach, competitors, and more:

History and Establishment of Gentle Giant Moving

Gentle Giant Moving Company was established in 1980 by Larry O’Toole in Boston, Massachusetts. Originally starting as a single-truck business, the company aimed to offer competitive pricing and efficient moving services. O’Toole’s objective was to create a reliable team of movers to ensure a smooth moving process for clients. Over the years, the company expanded and now operates from 11 locations. Gentle Giant’s staff is trained in various aspects of the moving industry. The company has also participated in public challenges like the Ice Bucket Challenge and has been featured in some cable TV reality series. Over its operational years, Gentle Giant has received recognition from several organizations within the moving sector.

Here’s a look at some of its awards and recognitions:

  • Best Moving Company 2020 and 2021 (MetroWest Daily News)
  • Small Business of the Year in 2002 (Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce)
  • Top Small Workplaces Winner in 2007 (The Wall Street Journal)
  • Best Places to Work 2006 and 2015 (Boston Business Journal)
  • Top Places to Work in 2008 and 2016 (The Boston Globe)
  • Mover of the Year 2021 (Move for Hunger)

Gentle Giant’s employees are athletes with a history of rowing. Dan Walsh, Wyatt Allen, and Matt Muffelman were all professional rowing giants. The company also runs a charitable foundation established in 2005 to steer youth leadership development and homelessness prevention.

Services Offered

Gentle Giant has a wide range of moving services, including residential and commercial moving, craning and specialty moving, piano moving, storage, packing and unpacking, and moving box delivery. Here’s an overview of the company’s top services:

Local Moves

Whether you’re moving to the next block across the street or from one end of town to another, Gentle Giant has the logistics to make your relocation hassle-free. The team will provide a reliable coordinator to help you with the move.

With thousands of transits under its belt, the company boasts a streamlined framework optimized for a smooth experience. Contracts are kept transparent, and you can get packaging supplies like boxes, bubble wraps, moving totes, and supply rentals. 

Long-Distance Moves

If you’re moving to another state or making a long relocation across the country, Gentle Giant can help you guarantee the safety of your items. The movers are experienced in all popular routes and offer excellent logistics with round-the-clock communication to keep you in the loop.

Gentle Giant has large trucks with ample space to transport all your items in one trip. Whether you’re moving a home, office, or business, the company has the capacity to relocate your items over hundreds of miles. The team can move you to any location in the country.

Storage Services

You can choose any of Gentle Giant’s 11 locations for short or long-term storage. The company offers modern storage facilities with climate-controlled environments and burglar-proof units. Your belongings will be safe from thieves, bugs, water damage, and other threats.

Gentle Giant has various storage solutions, with e-inventory services, 24-hour security, door-to-door moving, and pack-and-prep. The company is also insured and bonded, so your belongings are in good hands no matter what happens. Everything is kept in safe, self-contained crates.

Packing and Unpacking

Gentle Giant’s packing and unpacking services are customized to meet the needs of your move. You can choose full packing services if you’d rather the pros handle everything from the basement to the attic. The team will label and load everything properly for quick access.

If you prefer packing some or most of your items but still need help, you can choose the partial packing service. The company also offers unpacking services, so you can let the pros help you settle into your new home. The move coordinator will organize everything to your needs. 

Craning and Specialty Moving

Giant Gentle’s craning and specialty moving services can help you protect the integrity of your bulky, heavy, and delicate equipment. The company offers craning services for heavy sleeper sofas, furniture, gym equipment, and more. If it doesn’t fit the stairs, the company will crane it.

The team can also move grand pianos, uprights, and other delicate musical equipment. Gentle Giant has climate-controlled storage and experienced crews that know how to handle assembly and disassembly, single-item craning, complex rigging, and more. You’ll also get custom crating.

Geographical Reach and Locations

Like most top-rated movers, Gentle Giant can relocate you to any neighborhood in the country. However, the team can only move you from locations in which they have offices. The company has 11 locations and several offices nationwide, so you can find their services nearby.

All the locations include Boston, Charlotte, Fort Lauderdale, New Hampshire, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Providence, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC. These locations feature multiple offices and storage facilities, so the company can easily pick your items.

Gentle Giant offers local and long-distance moves, including cross-country and international relocations. You can use their services to move to any town in the US and beyond the borders. Simply contact the support team or browse the mover’s website to locate their nearest office.

Is Gentle Giant Moving Right for You?

Gentle Giant offers a team of athletes trained together to deliver professional services. The crews work in teams, demonstrate exceptional communication skills, and respect client property. Gentle Giant movers are also problem solvers who can make on-the-job decisions.

The company’s awards and recognitions are enough persuasion for most clients. Moreover, Gentle Giant has an A+ rating on BBB and a 4.9 out of 5 on Google. If you’re considering local or interstate moves, find out if Gentle Giant has locations in your area.

Gentle Giant Pros:

  • Top-rated by customers
  • Experienced moving crews
  • Transparent contracts
  • Full-service, white glove movers
  • Affordable packages with refunds
  • Packaging supplies, packing, and unpacking
  • Optimized logistics and trained coordinators.

Gentle Giant Cons:

  • 11 locations only mean your town might not be covered
  • Due to the high number of bookings, you might not have space
  • Long hours of work can result in exhausted workers
  • A few clients claim they paid full hours despite late arrival

Competitors To Consider 

Gentle Giant is one of the moving companies with the best online reputation. The company is known to provide satisfactory moving services and has polite, hardworking employees. Nonetheless, Gentle Giant faces stiff competition from industry leaders like Allied Van Lines and North American Van Lines. Here are five of their biggest competitors:

  1. Allied Van Lines: The undisputed American moving company with nearly 100 years and thousands of completed moves. AVL offers unmatched residential, commercial, local, long-distance, and global moves.
  2. North American Van Lines: One of the best movers in the US, with full-service local, long-distance, and international moves. North American Van Lines was founded in 1933 and is the reigning national mover.
  3. Safeway Moving Inc.: Another contender for the nation’s leading long-distance movers. Safeway Moving is known for its competitive price matching, positive customer reviews, and full-service moves.
  4. Advantage Moving & Storage: A trusted high-performance mover and storage company in the country. Advantage Moving & Storage offers reliable residential, commercial, and equipment moving services.

International Van Lines: A great choice for countrywide residential and corporate relocations. International Van Lines was launched in 2000 and has a soaring reputation that sees it complete 20,000+ moves annually.

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