Coleman Worldwide Moving Review: Pros, Cons and Overall Performance

Known for its reliability and customer satisfaction, Coleman Worldwide Moving continues to make global waves in freight, storage, and logistics. The family-owned enterprise ranks among the Southeast’s foremost privately held transportation companies. It operates as one of Allied Van Lines’s premier agents, with a robust presence of sixty service centers across the United States. The company specializes in local, long-distance, and international commercial and residential moves, offering comprehensive services. It ranks among the world’s leading moving companies, boasting the largest global relocation networks.

Coleman streamlines relocations for local and global enterprises and households by leveraging its cutting-edge equipment, delivering top-tier professional service and providing ongoing customer support. The company’s impressive annual figure of over 20,000 clients who benefit from its expertise demonstrates its commitment to proficiency, making it a trusted leader in the industry. Coleman does it all, from massive corporations to government transfers and simple or complex residential moves within the US and overseas.

History and Establishment of Coleman Worldwide Moving

Founded in 1914 by J.M. Coleman, the company initiated operations with just eight horses, a handful of wagons, and an unswerving commitment to exceptional service. The company’s mission and vision stay true to the founder’s dedication to quality service a century later.

Since its modest origins, Coleman has expanded its operations to encompass 22 states in the US, with an intricate network of 400 offices and warehouses to service its clients nationwide. The company also performs internationally in 175 countries globally. This remarkable growth is further propelled by its strategic collaboration with Allied Van Lines, reinforcing its prowess in the freight industry.

Coleman’s commitment to excellence is evident in a string of prestigious recognitions. It has been among the top contenders for the Women’s Choice Awards from 2015 to 2023, reflecting its outstanding service to female customers. It also holds an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, was recognized for the best customer service in 2021 by Statista, and maintains an impressive 4.9 out of 5-star rating in consumer reviews, attesting to its consistently high customer satisfaction.

Services Offered

Residential Moving Services

Coleman Worldwide Moving offers a spectrum of residential relocation services encompassing cross-country, state-to-state, and local moves. The company facilities handle local relocations within 50 to 100 miles. Local contractors oversee such moves because they are better equipped with the area’s logistics.

Long-distance moves feature a suite of optional add-ons. These extras include packing and unpacking services, hauling, custom crating, storage solutions, and more. All moves, regardless of size or distance, benefit from shipment tracking and extended storage options. Long-distance relocations also come with complimentary furniture protection.

Commercial Moving Services

The company has the expertise, equipment, technology, and manpower to handle local, national, and international business relocations. From small and medium-sized enterprises to production industries, Coleman has the capacity and capability regardless of complexity.

Coleman has industry-grade equipment and technology to transport heavy machinery, office furniture, fragile and invaluable freight, computers, and electronics. It also boasts warehouses nationwide with approximately 1.5 million worth of square space to store commercial freight and facilitate a smooth transition.

Corporate Relocations

Coleman handles local, nationwide, and international employee moves as the business changes geographical locations. The service package includes short- and long-term storage options, full-service move coordination to streamline the entire process, and real estate management services guaranteeing a risk-free experience. Coleman also takes special care of high-value items such as antiques, artworks, pianos, and more, offering a customized approach to ensure safety.

International Moving Services

Coleman has been moving people, households, and corporations around the globe for 99 years, leveraging its technologies, equipment, and international resources to ensure safe and secure relocations. The company offers full-service packing, custom crating, packing, loading, hauling, vehicle shipping, online shipment tracking, secure storage, debris removal, and various other conveniences.

International moves come with their own set of challenges, like language barriers, cultural differences, and location challenges. Coleman has representatives on the ground with deep-rooted local knowledge to guide their clients through the intricacies of destination services, customs clearance, and other complexities inherent in international relocations, making the transition as smooth as possible.

Military and Government Relocations

Coleman has been simplifying and securing government and military relocations throughout the century. They serve military personnel, government civilian agencies, and their families with over 12,000 moves annually under their sleeve and a remarkable customer satisfaction rating of 95.6%.

Their strategic partnership with Allied Van Lines in 2004 expanded their service capabilities through Allied’s global network and Sirva Relocation Services, providing enhanced services while benefiting Allied’s customers with access to their dedicated fleet of drivers and top-quality warehouse facilities and staff.

Coleman boasts 47 Allied-branded locations and nine additional companies because of its business deals with Allied. It is Allied’s top multi-agency family, ranking among the top five privately owned van lines, ensuring cost-effective and high-quality military and government relocation solutions.

The Coleman team, renowned for experience, training, and an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, is certified and equipped to handle GSA regulations, offering trusted and worry-free government and military moves. From their highly trained van operators to extensive government and military support teams, they deliver top-notch moving services. They manage intricate details and assume responsibility for government and military relocation programs, prioritizing trust, peace of mind, and integrity in their service delivery.

Geographical Reach and Locations

Coleman has strategic networks of offices and warehouses in 22 states in the US, divided into five regions. Each state has several branches serving a 50 to 100-mile radius. The west region covers Colorado, Las Vegas, Washington, Idaho, Arizona, and parts of California. The midwest region covers Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and parts of Indiana. The Southern region covers Florida, Georgia, Texas, California, Alabama, South and North Carolina, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. The mid-Atlantic region contains Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, and parts of North Carolina. The Pacific region has Hawaii and Alaska. The company also serves 175 countries.

Is Coleman Worldwide Moving Right for You?

Determining if Coleman Worldwide Moving is the right choice for your relocation needs hinges on several factors.

  • Service efficiency – Coleman’s proficiency dates back to 1914. Consider Coleman if you seek a moving company with a long and reputable history.
  • Service range – the company offers local to long-distance and international moves, catering to various relocation requirements.
  • Specialty services – Coleman offers add-ons and complimentary services, adding to the appeal of their service package.
  • Local expertise – with a network of offices and warehouses throughout the US and 175 countries, the company guarantees your secure move regardless of distance.
  • Customer satisfaction – with a track record of customer satisfaction and awards to boost, you can be sure of excellent services and reliable support during your move. 

Additional Moving Companies to Consider

Allied Van Lines

Allied Van Lines, a major player in the moving industry, provides services akin to Coleman. With 95 years of experience and abundant resources, they excel in managing local, long-distance, and international moves. 

North American Van Lines

With a history spanning over 90 years, North American Van Lines boasts extensive experience and expertise in the moving industry, much like Coleman. They also excel in local, long-distance, and international relocations. The company’s strong commitment to customer satisfaction and solid reputation, robust network of affiliated agents, and resources make it a formidable competitor for Coleman.  

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