Move a Bed and Mattress Across the Country

There’s nothing better than finding your perfect mattress and bed, and there’s nothing worse than the thought of having to part with it for a cross-country relocation. Luckily, you have a few options besides selling your current set and purchasing a new one after the move. Check out these four ways to move your bed and mattress across the country to determine which will work for you:

The Inexpensive Choice: DIY

If you’re already planning on renting a moving truck, this will likely be the cheapest option for transporting your bed and mattress. First, deconstruct your bed frame and find some sort of protective material to cover your mattress and box spring. Mattress bags are a good choice — they cost $5–$10 and protect against dirt, liquids, and dust. Most local home goods or home improvement stores sell mattress bags. If you don’t want to use a mattress bag, bubble wrap or plastic wrap are fine substitutes.

Once they are securely wrapped, carefully pack the mattress and frame into the moving truck. For a normal mattress, the safest position is on its side and leaning against one of the walls of the truck. If your mattress is made from memory foam, on the other hand, packing it flat on top of other boxes and furniture is best.

Tip: If your mattress, box spring, or frame is too heavy to lift, use moving straps to avoid damaging your bed or your back.

The Fastest Route: Shipping

Not many people realize that it’s possible to ship a mattress across the country. Shipping can be less expensive than hiring professional movers, but you do need to take care to properly pack your frame and mattress since the people handling it in transit may not be experts.

Start by thoroughly wrapping your mattress with packing foam and bubble wrap, followed by a protective mattress bag. Follow suit with your bed frame components (though you can skip the mattress bag for these). You need to make sure that all elements are covered enough to endure the shipping process.

Once everything is protected, pack it all into appropriately sized boxes. Use sheets or padding in the box around the mattress and frame for additional protection and to prevent unnecessary shifting. When you ship, be sure to add insurance in case your mattress gets lost or damaged in transit.

Tip: When it’s time to unpack your mattress, carefully remove the mattress bag and wrapping. If you use scissors or a knife, you could accidentally puncture the bed.

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The White Glove Option: Professional Movers

Hiring a professional moving company to move your mattress is the most expensive option, but it also requires the least amount of effort on your part. Whether you need to move your bed or your entire house, professional movers can take care of wrapping, packing, and unloading all of your items, depending on how much you’re willing to pay.

If you’re considering a professional mover, do some research to make sure you hire a reputable moving company. A good company will be open about their processes and let you know what you should or shouldn’t attempt on your own. For example, they may suggest that you take apart your frame and wrap your mattress before they arrive to save time (and money, if your movers work on an hourly rate).

Tip: Talk to your moving company about the materials they’ll need for a move. The company itself will often offer mattress bags and protective wrap, but you may be able find packing materials elsewhere for a lower cost.

The Hybrid Alternative: Container Shipments

If you’d rather avoid driving a moving truck across the country but are looking for a less expensive moving option than hiring professional movers or shipping your mattress through a service, container shipments are a great alternative.

A container shipment company, like PODS or 1-800-Pack-Rat, will drop a portable box at your home. From there, you pack whatever you’re trying to transport — in this case your mattress and bed frame — just as you would onto a moving truck. Once you’re done loading, the company will then pick up the container and transport it to your new home or a local service center, depending on your preference.

Tip: If you need to keep your bed in storage for a few weeks before you can move into your new place, this is the best option. Most shipping containers double as portable storage units.

There’s no need to lose sleep over the process — moving across the country doesn’t mean you have to part with your beloved bed and mattress set. Whether you are on a budget or a time crunch, you can move your bed from your old house to your new home with minimal hassle.

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