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18 Tiny Homes that Probably Started as a Good Idea

Tiny houses are economical on space, materials, and their environmental footprint. But some things should be given a bit more consideration. 1. It’s a good thing this monstrosity is on wheels. Because it probably isn’t allowed to stay in one place for long. 2. This is what happens when a tornado blows through a swap […]

Aug 11

Moving With Pets: Taking Your Furred and Feathered Friends Along

When politician Mitt Romney traveled long-distance with his dog, Seamus, in a roof-top pet carrier, he showed the world one way not to transport your pet – especially if you’re running for office. Let’s get this out of the way up front – don’t put pets in the trunk of your car or in the […]

Aug 6

Make Yourself at Home in Greensboro, North Carolina

Thanks to Greensboro realtor Jason Bramblett, long-time resident Kris Wilson, and newcomer Simone Watson for these insider tips. So you’ve decided to move to Greensboro, North Carolina? That’s great! Greensboro is hailed by locals as one of the best places to live in North Carolina for the shortest commutes and easy access to just about […]

Jul 30

Moving to a Big City for the First Time – What to Expect

Leaving the wide open spaces of a small town and heading to the concrete jungle of a big city is exciting and nerve-wracking. And totally worth it. Now that you’re ready to live your urban dream, it’s crucial that you have a good idea of exactly what you’re getting into. Transitioning from the relaxed pace […]

Jul 28

Pick the Best Time of Year to Move

Whether you’re moving locally or across the country, choosing the right time of year to do so can make the process easier. On the other hand, choosing the wrong time can make your move more stressful. Before you mark the big day on your calendar, use these seven factors to determine what time of year […]

Jul 21

9 Signs It’s Time to Relocate for Work

It’s perfectly natural to have concerns about relocating for work. It’s a big decision and you don’t want to be left second-guessing your choice. Fear not, as we’ve outlined 10 sure-fire indicators it’s time to relocate for work. Revamp your resume one last time, pack up your laptop and the rest of your belongings, and […]

Jul 16

Make Yourself at Home in Huntington, New York

We spoke to locals Donna Spinoso-Gelb, a Huntington luxury realtor; Justin Conway, Huntington native and American Ninja Warrior competitor; and Lauren Matarazzo, a resident of neighboring Levittown, NY. So you’ve decided to move to Huntington, Long Island in New York? That’s great! Grab your debit card and sunscreen and get set for everything from New […]

Jul 14

How to Move a Clawfoot Tub

Your clawfoot tub is beautiful, unique, and has cradled you during many relaxing baths. And now, it’s not a relaxing item – it’s giving you trouble figuring out how to move such a cherished piece of furniture. Fortunately, with proper planning you can get your clawfoot tub out of your bathroom and into its new […]

Jul 7

Moving to Chattanooga, Tennessee – A Local’s Guide

You may know Chattanooga, Tennessee as the Scenic City, or home of the touristy Rock City Gardens, or maybe for Outside Magazine’s 2015 Best Town Ever. But if you’re moving to Chattanooga, the Fairyland Caverns aren’t enough to make you feel like a local. We interviewed a 26-year native Chattanoogan and two local real estate […]

Jul 2

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