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Reclaim Your Garage or Shed by Organizing It

They hold our most dangerous possessions (think saws and hazardous chemicals), our most nostalgic (think yearbooks and old baby clothes), and our most neglected (think moving boxes and broken toys) — yet many of us treat our garage or shed as a dumping ground, rather than a useful storage and organization space. In fact, a […]

Feb 22

5 Dallas Apartments You Can Get for Less than $800 a Month

Today’s post is brought to you by Amalia Otet, Creative Writer for RENTCafé, an apartment search tool designed to make your life easier. Browse apartments, apply online, and manage your entire rental experience through the app after you’re moved in! Planning your big move to the Big D? Well, the time is now ripe, budget-wise. […]

Feb 19

Move a Bed and Mattress Across the Country

There’s nothing better than finding your perfect mattress and bed, and there’s nothing worse than the thought of having to part with it for a cross-country relocation. Luckily, you have a few options besides selling your current set and purchasing a new one after the move. Check out these four ways to move your bed […]

Feb 16

4 Smart Home Upgrades That Are Cheaper Than You’d Expect

Smart homes are no longer a thing of the future. As smart devices become more affordable, it’s easier than ever to upgrade your existing home to an automated environment. There are plenty of advantages to upgrading — smart devices can do everything from regulating your home’s temperature to keeping your family closely connected. Plus you […]

Feb 1

5 Best Cities for Dog Lovers and Their Pooches

When moving to a new city, you consider everything from the cost of living to the local food scene. Shouldn’t you think about how man’s best friend will fit in, too? We’ve scoured dozens of cities that claim to be dog-loving locations, but only a few truly make the cut for Fido. Check out these […]

Jan 26

5 Best American Cities for Cat People

They say dogs are man’s best friends, but cats are our partners in crime. They sleuth around the house, race around yards, and can’t help but chase the laser pointer around the living room. Photo by sneakerdog/Flickr We all like to think of our cats as part of the family, so it only makes sense […]

Jan 19

Pre-Move Inspection List for Your Car or Truck

It’s a good idea to give your vehicle a once-over for safety before any big trip. It’s an especially good idea if you’re planning a move, even if it’s only from one end of town to the other. During a move, your car is going to be loaded down with lots of extra weight, making […]

Jan 11

How to Afford Downtown Living – 5 Creative Tips

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Aaron Mackel, Content Director at, a free shop-and-compare website that allows self storage seekers to find, compare, and rent storage units. Moving downtown? You’re not alone. Over the last several years, the trend in people moving into major metropolitan areas and out of the suburbs has […]

Jan 4

Take the Midnight Train! These Atlanta Companies Are Worth the Move

Atlanta, Georgia is one of the most popular tourism destinations of the South, but you may not know that it also has a booming tech scene. With world-class dining and a beautiful cityscape, Atlanta is a growing destination for career-minded individuals looking to add the charm of the South to their high-tech lives. We did […]

Dec 14

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