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Moving Tips

Expert Advice for Moving, Packing, and More

Our iMOVE experts answer some of the most common (and confusing) questions about moving. We have all been there and done that, and have learned a few pro tips along the way.


How to Tip Your Movers

Learn how much to tip your movers, when to tip them, and how to tip movers without the awkwardness.

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15 Ways to Prepare for a Move

Get ready for your upcoming move with the top 15 things to do before the truck gets loaded.


Get the Most Out of Trulia, Zillow, and Real Estate Sites

Navigate the online house hunt with ease with these 11 tips for searching the top online realty sites.

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How Much Should You Do to Prepare for Your Movers?

Make sure your home and family are ready for the movers to ensure you have a smooth move.


3 Life-Saving Tips for a Cross-Country Move

Moving across the country can be a little more tolerable if you consider these three road-trip essentials.


Tips on Finding a New Neighborhood

Moving isn't just about your new house—it's also important to find a new neighborhood that is perfect for you and your family.