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Moving FAQs

Moving doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Here are some answers to the most common moving questions, right from the moving experts at imove.

Preparing for a move

Hiring a moving company

Miscellaneous moving questions


When should I start getting estimates?
As early as possible in the moving process. The sooner you request estimates, the sooner you can compare them to get the best rate. Tell iMOVE whether your move is local or out-of-state, and we’ll connect you with insured, BBB accredited moving companies that will give you a free estimate as early as you like.
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Should I hire a moving company?
DIY moves can help you save money, but only if you’re active in seeking out deals for moving supplies and rental trucks. Given the extra effort in planning, packing, and moving yourself, sometimes the best course of action is to hire a moving company. Call iMOVE at 855-382-5334 to get a free estimate from local movers you trust.
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How do I estimate moving costs?
Professional movers estimate moving costs based on the number of rooms, the weight of the items being moved, the distance between the old and new homes, and whether you’ll purchase partial or full packing services. You can do the calculations yourself, or you can just get a free estimate through one of imove’s providers.
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How do I pack for a move?
For loads of tips on how to pack for your move, visit our blog. If you’d like to avoid the hassle of packing, you can find a full service mover here at imove.
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What kind of moving supplies will I need?
If you use iMOVE to find a mover, you won’t need any moving supplies other than the cleaning materials you use when you move out. Our network of movers will handle everything–from packing up to unpacking.
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How much do moving boxes cost?
The cost of moving boxes will vary depending on who you purchase them from, but you can expect to pay between $1-$4 per box. You can get free boxes if you contact liquor stores or call your local grocer.
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Where can I buy moving boxes?
If you find a full-service mover through iMOVE you won’t need to worry about purchasing boxes. If you’d like to do the packing yourself, you can purchase moving boxes from most supermarkets and large hardware stores.
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What should I do to prepare for my movers?
Make sure you understand what the movers will and will not move beforehand. Some substances, such as household chemicals or paint, can’t be moved due to safety concerns. Moreover, some movers won’t move high-liability items like pets, photographs, or keepsakes. You should also photograph all the items you’ll be moving in the unlikely event they get lost or stolen. If you’re packing your own belongings, be sure to be packed at least a day before your movers arrive to eliminate stress and potential fees. Finally, be sure to keep a copy of your receipt and an itemized list of your belongings with you.
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What is the best moving company?
There are lots of great moving companies out there, but the best will be the one that fits your specific needs and budget. iMOVE can help you find the ideal fit by connecting you with insured, BBB accredited institutions with lots of positive reviews.
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How do I choose a moving company?
First decide what type of moving company you’ll need. Will you be packing yourself or having the movers do it? Do you want them to provide moving supplies or will you purchase your own? Lastly, decide how much you’re willing to spend on the services you need and then call iMOVE (855-382-5334)–we’ll connect you with quality movers that meet your criteria.
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How do I get a quote for a moving truck rental?
If you use imove, you won’t need a quote for a moving truck rental because the cost of your moving truck is included in your free estimate. All the movers in our network will supply the moving truck for you.
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How do relocation companies work?
Relocation companies are usually involved when a company recruits an out-of-area employee or transfers an employee to a new office. In these cases, a third-party relocation company handles almost all aspects of the employee’s home sale, move, and home purchase on behalf of the their employer.
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How much do movers cost?
The cost of your move will depend on a variety of factors, including: the distance of your move, the weight and count of items you’ll be moving, the area you’re moving from or to, and how much of the moving supplies you’ll purchase or provide yourself. Some movers use hourly rates while others charge flat fees, which will also impact overall costs. iMOVE helps you find a company that fits your budget using these criteria.
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Should you tip movers? How much?
If you’re pleased with your service, a tip is an acceptable way to express that appreciation. Between $10 and $40 is an acceptable amount depending on the size of your move. A general standard though is to tip 5% for a job well done.
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What is a Bill of Lading?
A Bill of Lading is a legal document that should help you understand the services a moving company is providing to you. Depending on the type of mover you choose, the Bill of Lading can have additional fees or agreements that weren’t covered when you first received your quote. It’s important to carefully review your Bill of Lading so you know exactly what you’ll pay and receive. You should also make a copy of the document for your records.
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What is a binding estimate?
A binding estimate provides an exact cost for moving services independent of the true weight of your items on the day of your move. You will be charged a fixed rate even if the weight of your items is less or more than estimated.
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Are imove’s providers insured?
Yes. All moving companies found through iMOVE are insured and highly rated with the BBB.
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How do I move my Internet, cable, and phone services?
If you want to explore your options when you reach your new town, Internet clearinghouses like have relationships with all the major ISPs in the US. You can leverage these relationships to get the best deals on Internet, phone, and TV service because all these services are delivered on the same network.
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How do I ship my furniture?
When you move with an iMOVE provider, packing and moving your furniture will be included in the estimate you receive. If you prefer to move your furniture yourself, be sure to secure it with lockdown strap or ties and to protect it from damage or staining with plastic wrap, blankets, or rugs.
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How do I ship a car?
Driving your car to your destination is the cheapest way to transport it. For safe, reliable shipping of your vehicle, however, iMOVE has a network of companies that can pack and ship any size vehicle to anywhere.
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How do I ship a motorcycle?
Riding your motorcycle to your destination is the cheapest way to transport it. For safe, reliable shipping of your motorcycle, however, iMOVE has a network of companies that can pack and ship your bike anywhere.
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How do I move out of state or cross country?
Moving across state lines is only slightly more complicated than moving within your hometown or state. You’ll need to make sure your working with a national company, but otherwise your move will be the same: you’ll need to find a reliable company that you trust, keep track of your move with a moving checklist and timeline, and then make sure you have your personal transportation set up.
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Who should I notify that I moved?
Here are the most important people and institutions you should notify of your move:
  • Your financial institution
  • Credit card companies
  • Utilities and anyone else charging monthly bills
  • Your insurance companies (auto, health, life, etc.)
  • Schools
  • Subscription services (magazines, newspapers, etc.)
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