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Moving Checklist

Whether you're moving across the road or across the country, knowing when to start each task in your move is just as important as the tasks themselves. Use this checklist to help prevent any unforeseen moving disasters—it has everything you'll need to remember and your progress is saved automatically so you can come back to update tasks any time.

Two months before the move

Years of experience has shown that planning a move two to three months in advance gives you enough time to comfortably get everything done without any "I can't believe I forgot to..." moments.

One month before the move

About one month before your move things should start to feel busy. That's normal. It means that it's time to get going on all of the most important aspects of the move.

Two or three weeks before the move

As your move gets closer, it's time to really get things underway. If you haven't already picked—up moving supplies (or checked that your moving company offers all of the supplies you'll need), picking them up now should be your primary goal.

One week before the move

One week away and it's time to get really serious about the move. Focus on the biggest aspect of the move at the beginning of the week.

Moving day

At last the big day has arrived. Thanks to this moving checklist you should be comfortably on schedule and have less to do than you thought you would one month ago. Let's get to it!

After moving day

You survived the big day! If you've completed everything on this checklist you shouldn't have much to do, but there's always a couple items that are best to leave after you've moved in.