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How to Pack and Move Beds and Mattresses

Moving a King Size Mattress Set

Believe it or not, you may find it easier to move a king-size mattress set than a queen size. King size box springs are made of two box springs placed together, with the king size mattress on top. Remove all bedding and pillows from your mattress and wrap them separately. Pillows and linens make great filler in boxes of breakable objects.

To help protect your mattress, move it inside a mattress bag. Your movers should be able to provide a bag to fit your king-size mattress. If not, you may be able to purchase one online or through a store that sells moving supplies.

You'll probably need two people to easily move your king size mattress. Stand the mattress on its side, lengthwise, to easily push or carry it down hallways and stairs. While it's okay to move a memory foam mattress a short distance this way, don't fold your mattress or stand it on its side in the moving van, as this can cause the filling to shift. Instead, load your memory foam mattress flat in the moving van for transport.

A regular mattress and a box spring can be transported on its side without any damage.

Moving a Queen Size Mattress Set

Queen size mattress sets can be challenging to move, because the box spring is one piece. However, two people should be able to accomplish the job without too much difficulty.

First, strip the bed of linens and pillows, and then place the mattress in a mattress bag. Slide the mattress on its side to the moving van. Remember to place memory foam mattresses flat for travel to prevent the foam from shifting. A regular mattress can be transported on its side, as can a box spring.

It may be tempting to strap a mattress to the top of your car for a short distance move, but this can damage the mattress, and also creates dangerous driving conditions for you and those around you. A moving van or the bed of a truck is the safest place for your mattress set.

Moving a Bed Frame

After you've moved your mattress and box spring onto the moving van, it's time to disassemble the bed frame. Document each step, perhaps by taking pictures or even a video of how the frame came apart. Put all hardware in a plastic sandwich bag and tape the bag to the largest piece of the bed frame. Wrap the parts to the bedframe in moving blankets, bubble wrap, or sheets to protect not just the bed frame, but also the other items on the moving truck. You can lay the pieces of the bed frame flat in the moving van.

Moving a Captain's Bed

A captain's bed features drawers beneath the mattress for storage. A captain's bed doesn't require a box spring, meaning one less item to load onto the moving van. However, the bed's design makes it heavier than many other types of beds.

Remove the drawers in your captain's bed before moving it. You can either stack the drawers, full of items, in the moving van as they are, or take out the contents and pack them in boxes, bags, or suitcases.

If the captain's bed has shelves or a headboard that's easily disassembled, take it apart to reduce the weight and move each part separately. Otherwise, you'll need at least two people — maybe four — to successfully move your captain's bed onto the moving van.

As with moving any large, heavy piece of furniture, moving casters or towels slipped beneath the corners can make it easier to move the piece. Don't forget to secure moving blankets around the furniture to help prevent nicks and scratches in the wood.

Moving a Four-Poster Bed

To move a four-poster bed, disassemble the posts from the headboard and footboard and move each piece separately. If you don't have assembly instructions for the bed, document the steps by taking photos or a video with your phone. Place all the hardware in a plastic sandwich bag and secure it to the back of the headboard with packing tape. Most beds are held together with nuts and bolts and can be disassembled with either a screwdriver or Allen keys.

Wrap the posts in bubble wrap to help prevent damage, while using moving blankets to protect the headboard, footboard, and the bed frame.

When disassembled the components of a four-poster bed can be moved by one person.

Moving a Large Headboard

After removing the mattress and box spring from your bed, unscrew the headboard and detach it from the bedframe. If the headboard is secured to the wall, unscrew that too. Secure all hardware in a plastic bag and tape it to the back of the headboard.

A fabric headboard should be placed inside a large garbage bag, or even a cardboard box, for protection during the move. Wrap a wooden headboard in moving blankets to help prevent damage.