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How to Move Bedroom Furniture

How to Move Long Dressers, Vanities, and Bureaus

When moving bedroom furniture, remove the drawers first. Remember exactly where each drawer went or write it down, as some dresser drawers only fit in a specific order. There's no need to empty the drawers, however. You can leave your clothes exactly where they are for the move.

Use pieces of moving felt or a towel beneath each edge of the dresser to slide it along the floor to the moving van. Alternatively, you can have two people lift the dresser and move it. If you're moving the dresser down or up the stairs, the stronger person should be on the bottom, bearing the bulk of the weight, while the person on top steers, guides, and steadies the dresser. Take breaks as needed. You may even have to "walk" the dresser down the stairs, one step at a time.

After the dresser, vanity, or bureau is loaded into the moving van, replace the drawers. You'll be happy you documented their position. If you didn't, this step may take some trial and error until the drawers fit properly. Stack other items directly in front of the dresser so the drawers won't come out during transit.

How to Move Tall Chests of Drawers and Armoires

Tall chests of drawers and armoires typically require two people to move. As with any dresser, remove the drawers first, taking care to remember the order.

Depending on the size of the furniture, you may need two people to lift a chest or armoire onto a dolly or handtruck. Use your legs to lift the chest onto the moving dolly and secure it with ratchet straps or rope. Remember, a chest of drawers is extremely top heavy. One person should focus on steadying the furniture, while the other lifts.

Use a ramp or lift to get the furniture onto the moving van and then replace the drawers in their proper spots. Make sure armoire doors are secured shut. If the doors don't latch closed, you can use a zip tie to hold them shut. Stack other items in front of the chest of drawers to keep them from opening during transit.

How to Move a Bedroom Mirror

Many dressers and vanities have mirrors attached. Remove the mirror, which is likely to be bolted or screwed into the dresser. Put the hardware in a Ziploc bag and use packing tape or duct tape to attach the bag to the back of the mirror.

Wrap the mirror in moving blankets and take extra care when transporting it. Place a bedroom mirror between two soft mattresses for transport, or securely strap it in the moving truck. If you lie the bedroom mirror down in the truck, don't place any heavy items on top of it.