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Home Inventory Worksheet

A home inventory sheet is designed to keep a record of your valuable or priceless possessions, a few bits of vital information about each, and their age and condition. Usually, you’ll fill out a home inventory sheet for an insurance company, in case something is stolen or damaged.

We’ve found it’s really helpful to have a home inventory sheet completed before you start packing to move. That way, if an item is damaged in transit (or even if one goes missing), you have a record of what the item was, how much it was worth, and when it was last seen.

How to best use your home inventory worksheet


Print out several copies – you’ll probably want one per room of your current house.


Clearly label each page with a room name and the date you’re completing the form.


Fill in as much of the form as you can for each item: name, serial/model number, the price you paid for it or that it would be worth to you (like with a family heirloom), and any comments about existing damage.


Be sure to clip or staple the sheets all together and keep them with you during the move.


Once you’ve moved to your new home, as items are being unloaded from the truck, inspect them with your home inventory sheet to make sure they were delivered in the same condition as they were picked up.