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Change Your Address Online

While you’re busy boxing everything up, don’t forget to take care of your mailbox, too. Let the United States Postal Service know about your move by filling out their online change of address form.

Change Your Address Here: is the only place you can go to officially change your address online. All the information you submit there will be securely processed by the United States Postal Service, so you know that the USPS will never share your address information with an unauthorized third party.

Before You Go, You Need to Know

You will need a valid credit card and email address (it only costs $1)

Address changes require 7 to 10 business days to take effect

Mail forwarding from a change of address only lasts 12 months

You can only update or cancel your change of address at

Want to Change Your Address for Free?

Save yourself $1 and hop on over to your nearest post office. USPS

And Don’t Forget...

Be sure to update your address with all your financial institutions, subscriptions, service providers, and others before mail forwarding ends in 12 months.