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Should You Hire a Local or Long-Distance Moving Company?

Local and long-distance movers offer similar home moving services (e.g. moving labor, truck drivers, and full-service moving), but they often use different pricing models based on how far you move and whether you cross state lines.

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Long-Distance or Interstate Movers

Long-distance or long-haul moving companies usually handle moves of 400 miles or more. Because these companies are so familiar with interstate commerce regulations, they also help families moving shorter distances across state lines. Interstate movers usually charge for (a) fuel by mileage and (b) the weight of your belongings by the pound (also called linehaul charges). Each moving company sets their own linehaul charges, so get a few quotes to find the best deal.

Local or Intrastate Movers

The industry typically considers a local move under 50 miles, but each moving company can set their own criteria and may offer local moves up to several hundred miles. In fact, many local moving companies serve anyone moving within state lines and charge for travel by mileage only, not weight. If you relocate just a few towns over but cross state lines in the process, you’ll need to work with an interstate mover—but you can still look forward to saving on fuel.

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