Painting Your Home Before You List It: A Simple Key to Selling Success

The Internet is full of lengthy guides on crucial, essential, key, vital, important, must-see, and best hints for selling your home. Assuming your time is more valuable than the 33 hours it would take to consume a third of those materials, we’ve collected a few noteworthy tips on one of the easiest upgrades you can make to your home before it hits the market—a fresh coat of paint.

Use proper open house colors

Sure, lighter, softer blue-trending tones open up a space, and accent walls are exciting, but prospective buyers want to imagine that your home is actually theirs, not that they’re wandering through a stranger’s house. Add to the illusion by giving them a blank slate to work with: think muted, neutral hues (don’t worry your blue-tinges will still work) and go easy on saturation. You can still create beautiful contrasts with a narrow, more conservative palette.

Think “Puffer Fish”

Or any other animal that tries to look bigger than they actually are. As we mentioned above, blue-tinged colors make a space feel more open, but so does painting your trim and molding a lighter color than your walls. The effect is that your walls will appear farther back, pulling the room open visually. As a general rule, the more light you have in a room the bigger it will look, so put a few mirrors and maybe even use a higher sheen of paint while you’re at it.

Focus on the kitchen

Your kitchen will likely be the single most important factor in selling your home. Ergo, it deserves the most attention when you paint it. In order to pick the perfect paint for your kitchen you need to consider the natural light it already has, the appliances you have in place, and how dark or light your cabinetry is. Your paint should balance the space against your cabinets and countertops while still complementing your appliances. The DIY Network has endless tips on how to do this very thing.

Paint your door

If you want to maximize your curb appeal, repaint or stain your front door alongside the exterior coat you just added to your home. Avoid putting off prospective buyers instead of turning them on (to your awesome home, silly) by making sure your new door jives well with the rest of the neighborhood. You’ll want a strong contrast so that the door pops, but be wary of the devil on your shoulder that thinks lavender would be charming. He’s not wrong, but he is the Devil, so think twice before swinging for the Pinterest fences.

That’s it. With minimum effort you created maximum financial gains—like taking real estate steroids only legal, safer, and less likely to cause fits of rage.


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