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Dejunking Boot Camp: How to Whip Your House into Shape Before the Big Move

Your home may look like it belongs on an episode of “Real Hoarders of East LA,” but that’s just because you’ve got the dreaded moving goggles on. It’s a common suburban phenomenon that transforms little messes into catastrophes and big jobs into herculean labors at the least convenient moment—when you’re about to transplant your whole […]

Feb 26

How to Buy a Home Long-Distance

Interstate moving is nothing short of stressful. Relocating comes with many challenges, but at the top of the list sits selling your home and buying a new one. Under normal circumstances you might spend weeks—even months—carefully looking for a new place to live. But when you’re moving across the country you don’t always have that […]

Feb 19

Painting Your Home Before You List It: A Simple Key to Selling Success

The Internet is full of lengthy guides on crucial, essential, key, vital, important, must-see, and best hints for selling your home. Assuming your time is more valuable than the 33 hours it would take to consume a third of those materials, we’ve collected a few noteworthy tips on one of the easiest upgrades you can […]

Feb 12

What Your Mover Says vs. What Your Mover Means

Every profession has its own jargon. Movers are no exception. It’s your responsibility as a shipper (see what we mean?) to know what your carrier is talking about. The US Department of Transportation provides an extensive glossary of terms, but we’ll bring you up to speed on the most common moving slang. Shipper vs. Carrier […]

Jan 22

17 Tips for Winter Moving

Winter is here! And you have to move your household right in the middle of it. For at least 39 of the U.S. States, winter means freezing temps and snow. We rounded up 17 tips from experienced movers to help your winter move go smoothly: 1. Confirm details with your movers. Waiting to move in […]

Jan 15

The 10 Best Ways to Get Ripped off by a Moving Company

You chose this post for one of three reasons: 1. You’re a sadist and getting scammed by a moving company is a thrill you’ve yet to taste (hey, we don’t discriminate). 2. You’re a mover that would like to study up on how to rip unsuspecting customers off. You deserve the cone of shame. 3. […]

Jan 29

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