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Moving a Family: Helping Kids Prepare to Move

For all of your grown up concerns, which can be mostly alleviated with careful planning, moving can be even more stressful for kids because it’s unfamiliar and out of their control. And if your children have only known one home their whole lives, a move can be especially jarring. Like you, your children may worry […]

Apr 10

Interview: Experts Talk Moving into an Old or Historic Home

When moving into a new home, there are always a thousand factors to take into consideration. But when you’re moving into an old home, there’s even more to keep in mind. Living in an older or historic house is a challenge you should be prepared for well before moving day. What to Know Whether you […]

Apr 7

DIY vs. Professional Movers – How to Choose for Your Move

Moving is one of the least fun experiences to think about, much less actually do. Preparation and packing takes weeks, the move is mentally and physically demanding, and there’s a lot of stress involved. You’ve probably done it and said “never again,” before doing so again a few years later. The biggest decision you’ll make […]

Apr 2

Safety Tips for Driving a Moving Truck

Most of us drive a vehicle no larger than meets our needs. We have four doors, a reasonably sized trunk, and maybe a sunroof. But when you’re planning a DIY move, you’re suddenly faced with driving a big, square truck with all your personal possessions in the back. Here are a few safety tips from […]

Mar 30

How to Move Your Utilities, Insurance, and Home Services

Wrapping up a house or apartment before you move to a new one can be one of the most draining things you’ll do. Here are some tips on how to move the intangibles: your power, gas, water, trash, home security, internet and cable, and insurance. Saying Goodbye to Your Old Service If you know for […]

Mar 26

How to Move a Motorcycle

You know – and we know – that your bike is your baby. You spent time and money getting her set up just so, and you’ve logged countless hours alone with her, exploring the byways and backroads of this breathtaking country. So we want to make sure that when you move, your motorcycle gets the […]

Mar 23

3 Ways to Pack Your Clothes

Unlike arguments about which internet browser is best (Chrome, clearly), there is not just one best fit for packing clothing for a move. Each of the three main methods—rolling, folding, stuffing—has advantages and disadvantages depending on who you are, how you’re moving, and what you wear. Stuffing – Not Just for Turkeys Starting off with […]

Mar 16

5 Dos and Don’ts of Moving

Ready or not, you’re about to embark on one of life’s most stressful tasks: moving. Moving requires you to make dozens of critical decisions that can leave your head spinning. The good news is, a little planning can minimize the moving frenzy and we’re here to help. Follow our dos and don’ts to selecting the […]

Mar 12

Hacks for Packing Breakables

We combed Pinterest to bring you some clever tricks on packing fragile or breakable items as you get ready for your move. Check out these ideas, and feel free to add any tips you have in the comments. Plates and Dishes 1. Don’t use newspaper or printed paper on your good china plates – the […]

Mar 9

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