How to Move a Motorcycle

You know – and we know – that your bike is your baby. You spent time and money getting her set up just so, and you’ve logged countless hours alone with her, exploring the byways and backroads of this breathtaking country. So we want to make sure that when you move, your motorcycle gets the royal treatment as well.

Three Ways to Move a Motorcycle
Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, there are three options available to you:

  • Ship it freight
  • Ship by flatbed
  • Ship via portable storage

Obviously, the cost differences in this list will be significant. With freight, you get a little bit of a discount because most freight companies ship by estimated weight. When you get a quote on your bike, be sure to ask if it’s a binding quote (that means your bill will be exactly the price you get upfront, no surprises). Ask about insurance coverage and moving company certifications to guarantee your baby is covered from front wheel to back.

With a flatbed delivery service, your bike will get very individual attention, so extra costs like fuel for the truck, labor costs for the driver, and more could be added into your price. Flatbed services also have a lower volume of bikes that they can haul at one time, thus a higher price point than freight. The bonus here is that these highly specialized companies usually offer some kind of insurance policy as well – be sure to ask about your options.

The cheapest option is DIY, but it’s also the most risky for your motorcycle. A portable storage service drops off a box for you to pack yourself, and then picks it up to transport to your new location. The keywords there are “pack yourself” – there’s no insurance policy to cover your bike if it falls over because your packing was inadequate.

Moving a Motorcycle by Freight
Freight seems to come out on top for price, so how does a freight company actually ship your motorcycle? Most companies will use a custom-designed crate that’s just the right size and shape of your bike and can be side-loaded, like this:
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While crates close fully around your bike, some carriers use open pallets, but guarantee a certain amount of space around the motorcycle. Most carriers offer some kind of padded or slightly stretchy strapping to tie the bike down with.
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