Making Yourself at Home in Salt Lake City

So you’ve decided to move to Salt Lake City? That’s great! Just make sure to check out some great tips from locals before you pack up your wagon.

The Mountains Are a Playground
It’s impossible to escape the mountains in SLC, which surround the city on all sides. Dozens of beautiful hikes—many of which offer amazing panoramic views of the city—are all less than 30 minutes away from anywhere in the city. Equally close for all residents are four world-class ski resorts with a few more options just one city over.

Winter or summer, there’s always something to do on the slopes, whether it’s skiing, snowshoeing, or mountain biking. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, you can generally find someone in the city who’s willing to show you their favorite spots. Utahns love their mountains almost as much as they love their neighbors.

Know Thy Neighbor
One thing that may take many SLC newcomers by surprise is how friendly and outgoing the residents can be. Utah is colored by strong communities and passionate citizens who are more than happy to help out a neighbor – even if they’re strangers. Whether you need help moving or need someone to walk your dog, help is probably just a fence away.

Get Your Grub On
Among Salt Lakers’ biggest passions is their food; there are many foods they insist just aren’t the same outside of Utah. This includes fry sauce (a combination of ketchup, mayonnaise, and secret ingredients) and, most importantly frozen treats.

You can’t swing a bag of dead cats in Salt Lake City (or anywhere – it’s probably illegal) without hitting a milkshake drive-thru. Every shake shack does their milkshakes a bit differently, but you can be sure they’ll all be delicious and packed full of whatever toppings you choose. And for when the summer heat gets too unbearable, you can head to one of the many shaved-ice stands (Utahns will be sure to correct you if you call it a sno-cone). The local pros make sure to get their shaved-ice with cream on the bottom.

It’s Only Smells
But not all of Salt Lake City is milkshakes and snowflakes; there are certainly things you’ll want to avoid. The Great Salt Lake is probably one of the first things you’d like to see, but any local will tell you to steer clear of this stinky, mostly-lifeless lake. Get your fix at any of a number of nearby lakes and reservoirs where you can enjoy water sports galore.

Salt Lake’s only other unattractive feature is only around for a few weeks a year. Known by locals as The Inversion, in January and February cold air creates a lid over the valley, trapping pollution and creating an ugly fog that’s bad to look at and worse to breathe.

If you can steer clear of the Great Salt Lake and run inside during February, you will probably love Utah. That is, if you don’t mind your neighbors goading you into climbing a huge mountain or hitting the slopes every Saturday morning or helping you build your fence.

Featured image by Garrett/Flickr

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