imove’s Best Public School Districts in Utah


With the second fastest growing population in the country, Utah is an attractive destination for people looking to relocate. Its abundance of national parks, scenic vistas, and friendly residents are appealing to many that may want to escape the hustle of more populous states. To cap off its wonderful features, Utah is also an incredibly family friendly state – and with that comes a great public education system.

How We Chose the Best Public School Districts in Utah

Using data from the Utah State Office of Education (USOE), we isolated a number of standout districts. We focused on metrics that best reflect both the quality and livability of the district area including student/teacher ratio, average teacher salaries, and high school graduation rates.

We then revisited these districts, analyzing their online engagement with students along with the number of public parks in their boundaries. Finally, we looked at FBI reported data of violent and non-violent crime in each district’s region. Again, we believe these metrics reflect not only the appeal of a district, but its location as well. Schools that were considered as finalists but ultimately not chosen are listed below as honorable mentions.

Here are imove’s five best public school districts in Utah:

1. San Juan School District

Located in the heart of Utah’s Canyon Country—referred to as “the world’s greatest outdoor museum”—San Juan School District offers a stunningly scenic place for students to learn. Adding to this is the district’s stellar student/teacher ratio and student engagement, making San Juan a clear choice for the best district in Utah.


San Juan’s 12 schools span southeastern Utah and include an array of national parks and monuments, including Four Corners Monument, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (Lake Powell), and Canyonlands National Park.

Student/teacher ratio: 17.44
Graduation rate: 85%

2. Rich School District

As a smaller district in one of the least populous areas of the state, Rich School District proves that size doesn’t matter when it comes to education. Rich’s standout student teacher ratio and graduation rate reflects an engaged faculty.


With fewer students, both Rich’s faculty and community are more engaged; the district’s strategic plan states in part that, “people in Rich County are the key component of our successful schools.”

Student/teacher ratio: 14.99
Graduation rate: 90%

3. Kane County School District

Bordering the picturesque southern end of the state, Kane County School District also offers spectacular vistas and outdoor offerings. With so much to do and see outside of the classroom, Kane County’s 95 percent high school graduation rate is that much more impressive.


Kane County places emphasis on valuing both students and faculty. District Superintendent Robert Johnson said this emphasis fosters “an environment for increased student learning and employees who feel valued and freely give of their time and talents to our students.”

Student/teacher ratio: 17.44
Graduation rate: 95%

4. Park City School District

Park City School District is situated high in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains, close to the slopes that hosted the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. Its assortment of schools are mostly located around the quaint ski town of Park City, which was rated as Outside Magazine’s Best Town Ever in 2013.


Excellent online student engagement and small class sizes make Park City that much more appealing for ski enthusiasts looking to learn.

Student/teacher ratio: 17.87
Graduation rate: 88%

5. Carbon School District

Tucked away in the mountains of southeastern Utah, Carbon School District represents Utah’s Castle Country – a diverse and surreal desert landscape. As a rural school district representing nine schools, Carbon provides a great education to its 3,500 students. Utilizing grants to bolster their numerous education programs, the district has managed to secure the highest graduation rate in the state.


Student/teacher ratio: 18.41
Graduation rate: 95%

Honorable Mentions

Wasatch School District
South Summit School District
Wayne School District
Millard School District
Grand School District

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imove’s Best Public School Districts in Utah

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