How to Move Your Utilities, Insurance, and Home Services

Wrapping up a house or apartment before you move to a new one can be one of the most draining things you’ll do. Here are some tips on how to move the intangibles: your power, gas, water, trash, home security, internet and cable, and insurance.

Saying Goodbye to Your Old Service
If you know for certain the last date you’ll be in your old home, call each utility and give them that date, asking the representative to make a note on your account. They won’t be able to cut power or internet service without your approval, but the note will give them a heads up that you are moving. It will also give them an opportunity to talk with you about whether their services are available in your new location.

Finding a New Service Provider
Suppose your internet service provider is happy to help but you are moving to an area where they don’t offer service. What do you do? Because you called ahead and not the day of your move, you’ve got a little time to research. We recommend a tool like our friends With Movearoo, you simply enter the zip code of your new home and they’ll show you all available providers in that area, pricing, packages, and current offers.

When you’ve found a provider you like, go ahead and call them before you move. Most providers will let you set up an account in advance so you don’t have to answer a lot of detailed questions while unpacking in your new home.

Moving the Smaller Utilities
Each of your home utilities – water, gas, electric, trash/sewage, and so on – will either do an over-the-phone transfer of services (if you’re moving across town) or will note the day you’re moving out of state. It’s your responsibility to call them on your final day in your old house, though. They won’t just turn the power off for you on your move date. (I learned this the hard way: I paid two electric bills for a couple months before I caught the oversight.)

If you are moving out of state, call ahead to the utilities in your new state – they are happy to do the same as internet and cable providers. I set up my power, gas, water, and cable services from somewhere in the middle of Iowa on my drive to Utah. Each took just a few minutes, and everyone I spoke to welcomed me to my new state. It made a big life shift a little easier.

Did You Know?
Your home security service and insurance agency are trusted partners in protecting your belongings and personal safety. Most of us would be very nervous to leave those services behind. But did you know: there’s a good chance you can transfer your home security and insurance services?

Our friends at Obrella are insurance experts. In just one call, you can either transfer your current policies and coverage to a new address, or find a new agency that comes as highly recommended as your current one. Sometimes, national agencies have smaller local branches that go by a different name – a Google search wouldn’t necessarily show you the two were related. But one call to Obrella will keep you covered and moving on with your life.

Another of our trusted partners, SafeWise, can move your home security system to your new home, help you find a security company to install a new system, or recommend a replacement company if need be. This group also offers a wealth of home security information: If you haven’t chosen a place to move to yet, look at SafeWise’s Safest Cities features for information on crime rates in cities all over the nation.

Don’t Forget to Remember
My best tip for moving utilities and home services is this: set a reminder in your phone or on your calendar for the day before your move. Remind yourself to call each one of the services – list them out. This way, you can’t forget to call them (like I did!) and you’re guaranteed that when you get to your new home, the lights will be on and waiting!

List of Utilities and Home Services to Call About
Cable TV
Satellite TV
Home Phone
Cell Phone
Home Security
Home Insurance
Car Insurance
Renter’s Insurance

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