Get Yourself to Chicago – Companies that Make the Move Worth It

Chicago, Illinois is known for a lot of things — deep dish pizza, awe-inspiring architecture, and that river that turns green on St. Patrick’s Day. While these city features may make you want to take a vacation to the Windy City, you likely aren’t packing up your family just to live closer to a pizza joint.

What may draw you in to put down roots in Chicago is a job with great perks. We found seven companies with such great benefits that we’re considering sending in our resumes.


When you work at ContextMedia, a health information services technology company, your performance reviews don’t just mean an analysis of how you’re doing in your daily tasks. Managers also look at how employees are doing at embodying the culture. And if you ever get a perfect score on your quarterly review, you’ll get a special reward, which can be an all-expenses paid trip or a shopping spree.

But the fun doesn’t just come in evaluation rewards. ContextMedia has ping pong tables and video game systems set up for employees to use right in the office. And if these aren’t really what keeps you motivated to do your best work, you can sign up for an in-office yoga class. Health and fitness are important at ContextMedia. They provide gym memberships so employees can stay fit after work, as well as providing treadmill desks to keep you healthy while you’re in the office. Sounds like a highly-coordinate office to us!

Milhouse Engineering & Construction, Inc.

If you land a job at this engineering firm, prepare to add a lot more orange to your wardrobe. Every Friday at Milhouse is “Orange Friday,” and employees are encouraged to wear as much of the company’s signature color as possible. Whoever wins the contest each week gets a prize, which is anything from cash to paid time off.

And the perks don’t end there. The company will occasionally cater in lunch for the team and offers employee development programs to help people grow in their career. No wonder Milhouse has been recognized as one of Chicago’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For for over a decade.

SWC Technology Partners

SWC Technology Partners not only helps companies with IT needs, they also know how to make employees love their jobs. With a weekly happy hour and daily catered lunches, employees have opportunities to connect with their co-workers in the office.

Social events are also big at SWC Technology Partners. From Chicago Cubs games to pie eating contests, this company proves that work is more than punching a clock.

Image by Wally Argus/Flickr

Sprout Social

Sprout Social moved their headquarters to downtown Chicago in 2014, which means it’s perfect for taking public transit and exploring the rest of the city. The location of this social media management company also makes it perfect for employees to grab lunch from any of Chicago’s downtown restaurants—but when they get free lunch and have access to the snack room, why would they need to?

Sprout Social offers employees both a generous time off policy and flexible work hours, so it’s clearly not just another 9-to-5 gig. When it comes to the social side of work, finding new friends is easy, thanks to the company’s game nights and office happy hours. In addition to carrying out their daily tasks, the Sprout Social team gives back to their community, doing things like rebuilding school playgrounds or mentoring local kids.


FactSet proves that employees don’t have to give up a life outside the office just to succeed at their job. This company provides clients in the investment industry with crucial data and analytics, and they’re committed to helping employees continue to grow, whether through paid training or through college education, with tuition reimbursement.

Success is rewarded at FactSet with dinners, Lake Michigan cruises, and other company-wide outings. Recently named as one of the “best places to work” in the city, this company has also been included in the “Fortune” Top 100 Best Companies to Work For. In addition to 100 percent health care and stock options, employees enjoy holiday parties and elaborate celebrations throughout the year, most notably the end of the year party.


When employees at this ad agency come to work, they know they’ll be contributing to the needs to the top clients the company serves, such as Scott, King’s Hawaiian, and Healthy Choice. Often rated a top place to work in Chicago, Tris3ct is known for letting everyone’s voice be heard, whether it’s the CEO or yesterday’s new hire.

Tris3ct describe their employees as “fearless, inventive, and humanistic” and are a collaborative team. The open loft-like office encourages creativity and inspiration. Employees don’t have to brainstorm in the old, boring ways—walls double as places to pin important documents or areas to create, thanks to large corkboards and whiteboards.

Red Frog Events

You probably know Red Frog Events from the events they stage, including Warrior Dash and the American Beer Classic. Employees know it as the amazing company that gives them unlimited vacation days, a casual work environment, and paid leave after becoming a parent. Even more, employees get a month-long paid sabbatical after five years.

Image courtesy of Red Frog Events

The space that houses Red Frog Events is unique. Whether it’s being used as a meeting area or a spot to relax, the office tree house is impossible to miss. There’s also the white canoe room, the Mason jar conference room, complete with beer and soda, and the conference room that boasts a table made of Legos, the aptly-named Lego room.

So if you’ve decided you need free lunches, free Cubs games, or an office tree house in your life, let iMove help you find a moving company to get you to Chicago today.

Featured image by Kevin Dooley/Flickr

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