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Houston, Texas has emerged as one of the hippest, most culturally diverse cities in the country. It’s also positioning itself as a great place to live and work, thanks to the efforts of some of the city’s top companies. Check out these ground-breaking businesses that are going above and beyond to provide a happy environment for their employees. We think you’ll find yourself packing a bag for the Lone Star state.


Insperity is an HR and business performance solutions company that has been named one of Houston’s top businesses each year for over ten years. The company offers awards for outstanding performance, including a prize from Tiffany & Co., along with quarterly and yearly awards for excellence. They give employees paid time off to volunteer in the community and run The Insperity Fund, a company-organized fundraising campaign designed to help relieve financial stress on employees when a crisis occurs.


As a health tech company designed to connect doctors and patients through video conferencing, it should come as no surprise 2nd.MD offers some pretty cool fitness perks for its employees. Employees are encouraged to participate in hold-plank competitions in the office, run in group sprints, and compete in push-up challenges with one another. The company recently won their division in the annual Fit Company Challenge. There’s no doubt you’ll have an easy time staying in shape if you manage to snag a job here.
Not only do employees at enjoy numerous perks as a benefit from their parent company, The Home Depot, but it’s also an outrageously fun place to be. The employees here named their coffee machine (Stevebucks) and partake in Fresh Fruit Mondays and parties with cake. They also give away those cakes as awards for great work along with money and trophies. also encourages their employees to dress up as superheroes instead of wearing business suits, and what’s not to love about that? All this is topped off by above-average competitive pay, discounts on numerous electronics and education, and a workplace full of team spirit.

CORE Communications

CORE Communications is a sales and marketing company dedicated to ensuring their employees succeed, which is why they’ve implemented their own training program that allows them to work from the bottom up. The Leadership Development Program trains employees in all areas of business management with the intention of helping them rise through the ranks in positions that best utilize their abilities. It probably doesn’t hurt that CORE holds weekly games of trampoline dodge ball and bingo to keep up employee morale. The company also encourages employees to participate in local volunteer opportunities and even holds their own food drives.


Self-proclaimed “people-focused” consulting company Xcution puts a lot of effort into focusing on the people that make up their heart. Employee happiness is a big part of the game here. In fact, they routinely utilize games as a way to ensure that happiness. Employees have a video game station in the conference area to play on their downtime, along with twelve paid holidays off throughout the year. Additionally, the company offers employees a paid day off to volunteer and participates in group activities like fitness challenges. They even provide a free pair of Converse shoes for every employee in case you need something to run in.


EPMA is a leading Project and Portfolio Management consulting firm dedicated to helping its employees live up to their full potential. To do so, they offer benefits that aim to make sure everyone feels like they matter and are part of a team. The company has Mentorship Programs and regular one-on-ones with the CEO for each employee. They also offer overnight travel reimbursements and group charity events to foster teamwork. They’ve got a pretty nifty pet insurance program to help you pay for Rover’s medical bills. The benefits packages are comparable to many Fortune 500 companies and, to top it off, the break rooms have foosball tables and other childhood classics for employees to use to take their mind off their work for a bit.

Houston has become an entrepreneur’s playground. This is in part to the efforts of initiatives like the Rice Alliance, which works to provide guidance and connections to people looking to help grow the city through technological business advances. Whether the forward-thinking businesses are changing residents’ lifestyles, or residents of the Bayou City are creating a new business model, all we know is Houston is a great place to live. And imove can help you get there.

Image by Adam Baker/Flickr

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