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Late last year, “The New York Times” reported that college graduates are flocking to New York City and we certainly understand why. There are a lot of great opportunities in the city, from culture experiences to employment, so we wanted to see how companies are making themselves stand out to all these college graduates. We found seven companies that are offering perks that made us green with envy.


With headquarters in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn, Etsy is filled with creative minds as well as creative products. To help grow individual creativity, employees can take classes at the Etsy school, taught by their coworkers. You can learn a new skill set in one of these classes or learn a new trade during a “Crafternoon.” The office environment is conducive to teamwork, with couches and open work space. While the desk situation is great, you certainly won’t want to spend your lunch hour there. Employees are treated to Eatsy, a communal catered lunch, which helps make it easier to spend time with your coworkers, who become friends, and even meet new ones.


Elite SEM

If you’re getting to the office before the sun is up or you’re burning the midnight oil at this search engine marketing company, you don’t have to worry about meals. One of the perks of being an employee at Elite SEM is free meals and, after you’ve wrapped up that big project that had you working long hours, you can use one of your unlimited vacation days.


That vacation policy proves especially useful for two employees a year, when everyone votes for someone who’s doing an especially impressive job. Those employees receive round-trip airfare for two, $500 spending money and a free week-long hotel stay. And the best part is, Elite SEM is always hiring.


What isn’t there to love about working at Grovo? Grovo is a learning platform that teaches digital skills to the current and incoming workforce. And they excel at filling in the gaps – in the workforce and in employer-employee relationships. Not only is the view of the Empire State Building a great one, but you can look at it over your fancy new Apple computer from your standing desk. And it doesn’t end there. Grovo employees enjoy personal training sessions and a fully stocked kitchen. Add to this the happy hours and weekend retreats, and we’re all considering sending in an application.



Before you even enter the office doors, you’ll be treated to the exciting neighborhood of SoHo, where Squarespace is located. Once you’re inside, you’ll have a nice desk with an ergonomic chair, and be surrounded by glass walls letting in all the natural light and views of Manhattan. This great company offers flexible hours, generous vacation time, and remote working options. If you don’t want to hit up the corner deli for lunch, you can enjoy the catered lunch or any of the snacks from the stocked pantry. And it certainly isn’t all work and no play. You’ll get to enjoy monthly team gatherings, trivia nights, a summer boat cruise, and the annual holiday party. So really, what are you waiting for? See if Squarespace has a job opening for you!



From unlimited vacation days to lunch on the company twice a week, there are a lot of extra benefits of working at this database management company. Employee wellness is encouraged at MongoDB, which is why there are free yoga classes, boot camp training, and discounts on gym memberships. Plus, when you’re at your computer, you can enjoy a standing desk that helps you be your healthiest you. And when it comes time for a break, you can challenge one of your teammates to a game of pool, ping pong, arcade basketball, or one of the many board games in the cupboard.



Conductor, a web presence management company, is all about activities that bring employees together. Whether you’re gathering for free lunch Friday or playing a round of in-office mini golf, there’s plenty to do with your coworkers. But the fun on the Conductor team doesn’t end there. There are quarterly activities, like go-karting and city-wide scavenger hunts, and the office has beanbag chairs and kegs for you to enjoy. And when you’re flexing your creative muscles, you won’t find yourself walled off in offices or cubicles. Instead, the office space is open, allowing for collaboration. Even Seth Besertnik, co-founder and CEO, is out in the open with the rest of the team. You’re going to want to get on board.



Employees are hard-pressed to feel unappreciated at CrowdTap. Every Friday, you’ll hear a “thank you” from co-workers because of the company’s commitment to employee recognition. A “People-Powered Marketing Platform,” Crowdtap also aims for a comfortable work environment where everyone feels free to voice an opinion.


Crowdtap employees have access to fresh coffee all day, unlimited vacation days, and a game room with foosball. You also receive a discounted rate to the New York Health and Racquet Club, which has two group fitness studios, massage rooms, and a two-story bouldering wall. Despite their loaded list of recognition and awards, Crowdtap maintains an approachable, employee-centric atmosphere.

Whether you’re inspired by the thought of looking out at the Empire State Building every day or catered lunches in the best city in the world, we understand why you’d want to head to New York City for your next career opportunity. Get a local or long-distance moving quote from imove and start your move today.

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