5 Best American Cities for Cat People

They say dogs are man’s best friends, but cats are our partners in crime. They sleuth around the house, race around yards, and can’t help but chase the laser pointer around the living room.

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We all like to think of our cats as part of the family, so it only makes sense we take their needs into consideration when deciding where to move. Here at imove, we love our cats as much as you love yours, so we compiled a list of the best cities for cat people. These cities are cat-friendly and great places for humans to live, too — a purr-fect combination.

Portland, Maine

Maine is one cat-loving state: 46.4 percent of households have at least one cat. The state also has strong animal protection laws and is one of only three states with an official state cat — the Maine Coon. Your cat will fit right in with Maine’s cat-friendly lifestyle, and you can experience everything that Portland has to offer its human residents. Portland is a thriving city and Maine’s largest urban area. It has the action of a large, urban city and the quaint charm and beauty of a small seaside town.

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Seattle, Washington

Washington is home to great coffee and Colonel Meow, one of the Internet’s most famous cats (he passed away last year, but you can still appreciate his epic social media presence). Seattle, in particular, showed its love of its feline friends by celebrating National Cat Day, during which the ASPCA and Uber teamed up to provide a cat cuddling service. And you’ll feel as much at home in Seattle as your cat thanks to diverse restaurants, beautiful national parks, and countless job opportunities. The greater metro Seattle area is home to multiple major corporations, including Amazon, Costco Wholesale, Nordstrom, Microsoft, and Starbucks.

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St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis is on this list for one big reason: Mauhaus Cat Cafe and Lounge. Opening in 2016, you’ll be able to visit Mauhaus for a cup of coffee and playtime with cats from Tenth Life Cat Rescue. While cat cafes are popular in Japan, there are only two dozen cat cafes in the U.S. When you’re not relaxing at Mauhaus, there is plenty of excitement for humans in the city. Chow down on classic St. Louis barbecue, catch a game at Busch Stadium, or spend a day at the St. Louis Outlet Mall.

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Scottsdale, Arizona

Your cat will love Scottsdale. With a high number of shelters, vets, and pet stores in the area, your cat will receive the best care, toys, and treats. The long, hot Arizona summers are ideal for sunbathing in the yard and chasing lizards, and the Applewood Pet Resort and Spa will pamper your cat and keep them safe if you have to go out of town. Scottsdale also offers a lot for humans: the city is home to the highest number of luxury and destination spas in the country, as well as upscale dining, luxury shopping, and nightclubs.

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Orlando, Florida

Like St. Louis, Orlando will open its first cat cafe, Coffee Right Meow, in 2016. Orlando is also home to a large number of pet stores, so you can treat your cat to a new toy on a regular basis. If you enjoy golf or want to work in the tourism industry, you’ll love living in Orlando. The city is home to Disney World and hundreds of hotels and restaurants, and the state has 1,481 golf courses so you can perfect your game and train to be the next Tiger Woods. Then combine your two passions at the annual Fore the Animals charity golf tournament.

Whether you’re planning your next move or simply dreaming of life in a cat-friendly city, share this list with your friends and start packing your bags (and scratching posts).

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