Articles by Michelle Moore

  1. How to Move Alone to a New City

    Moving by yourself to a new city can be one of two things: a terrifying ordeal or the adventure of…


  2. Get the Most Out of Your Corporate Relocation Money

    Moving for a new job is exciting, and it’s even better when your company offers to pay for a portion…


  3. Moving Guns and Ammo Across State Lines

    Given the current sensitive political climate and the variation of gun laws between states, moving your guns across state lines…


  4. Move a Bed and Mattress Across the Country

    There’s nothing better than finding your perfect mattress and bed, and there’s nothing worse than the thought of having to…


  5. How to Find a Reputable Moving Company

    Not all moving companies are created equal. Some skimp on necessary insurance coverage, some deliver damaged furniture, and others are…


  6. How to Baby-Proof Your Apartment without Risking Your Security Deposit

    As soon as your baby learns to crawl, he’ll want to explore every nook and cranny of your apartment. Creating…


  7. 8 Easy Steps to Downsizing Your Home

    When you’re moving to a smaller place – whether it’s because all the kids have left the nest or you’re…


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